13.06.2017: MEMBERS' NEWS

NWIG celebrated its 80th anniversary

On March 28, 2017, Nanchang Water Industry Group (NWIG) celebrated its 80th anniversary, which reviewed its glorious history and looked forward to its future.The chairman of the Municipal Public Group, the representatives of other brother units as well as company’s leaders and staff representatives were invited to participate in this celebration meeting to witness this beautiful moment. At the meeting, chairman Li Gang first summarized the development achievement of the past 80 years with enthusiasm and made promise and prospects for the future development of the company. Then the leaders presented the prizes to those who have been awarded the top 10 people touching Nanchang Water Industry Group. Finally, the art performance was on, including singing, dancing, scene play, stage play, short sketch and other forms. They were all created and acted by NWIG-staff, which showed the new look of the company’s staff full of passion and vigour.

NWIG is the first International member of the Northern German Water Center (NWZ) since May 2015. NWZ congratulates NWIG on its 80th anniversary, wishes the company all the success for many more years to come and hopes to continue the fruitful cooperation in future.


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