Association for Sustainable Water Management
Norddeutsches Wasserzentrum

Located in the northern part of Germany, the Association for Sustainable Water Management has been bringing together supply and demand from industry, universities, authorities, engineering and consulting companies, professional organisations and plant operators since 1992.

Sustainable water management solutions are increasingly in demand on the world market. People’s needs for sufficient clean drinking water and an improvement in sanitary conditions are becoming an ever more important aspect of cooperative international development.

The expertise of North German planners, manufacturers and operators of water management systems and products has an excellent reputation around the globe.

Our network has therefore been working internationally since 2005.

Experience in a “Waterland”

Our rich experience has been gained in managing:

  • 600 km of shore line with 4 major ports
  • over 2000 km of rivers and canals
  • 170 million m³ of reservoir volume
  • 1.5 billion m³ of water per year for industry, agriculture and population
  • over 4 million m³ of cooling water per year for power plants
  • about 9.5 billion m³ per year of groundwater recharge
  • almost 1000 waterworks and over 500 municipal sewage plants
  • about 220 000 mini sewage plants and 10 000 constructed-wetland plants
  • 92 % of 7.5 million inhabitants connected to the municipal sewerage system and 98 % having access to the public drinking water supply

In North Germany we have 1000 years of tradition in coastal protection and 500 years of hydrological experience in mining operations. Today, this represents an important economic factor involving more than 500 enterprises in the production, consulting and service sectors:

  • river basin management, flood prevention and coastal protection
  • hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulics, limnology, pedology
  • prospection, use, remediation and protection of groundwater
  • ecology and maintenance of streams
  • management of hazardous substances, waste management and engineering, use of sewage sludges
  • water and environmental legislation, project management, financing, administration
  • modelling, software, telecontrol engineering
  • water supply, urban and rural hydrology
  • construction of wells and pipes, water supply technology, plant engineering and construction, specialized underground engineering
  • effluent management, industrial, municipal and domestic waste water treatment, rain- and storm water management
  • sampling and chemical analysis of water, soil, atmosphere and waste
  • public relations

Integrated Know-How

Today, clients demand general contractors and integrated know-how in all kinds of water projects. The Association for Sustainable Water Management’s coordination activities provide suitable consortia matching the exact criteria required in specific projects.

A full range of services can therefore be provided – from preliminary studies through to turnkey solutions and plant operation.


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